Who decides which stories get published on the website or in the books?

A team of people will read through the submissions and decide which ones are best suited for publication. Stories may be edited for brevity or clarity.

Where does any money go?

If/when the book(s) make a profit, we will post how much is donated and to which charity.  All charities involved will have sterling reputations and a heart for helping people.

Why are you doing this?

We believe in sharing the Good News that God is alive and well!  If He had a fridge, your photo would be on it.  He cares for you personally.  A lot of people may struggle with reading the bible, but we wanted the world to know what God's doing, what  real people have seen and experienced.  It is up to each person to decide if the stories are true or not.

How do you know which stories are true?

Short answer is, we don't.  Anything that gets published on the website or in a book will require one of the team to contact the person who sent us the story.